The land

From the Soil to its Fruits: the Collio, unique and unrepeatable

The Collio is a special land, one of the first areas in Italy (the third) which obtained the recognition of DOC in 1964, characterized by high ground barely sketched and marked by rolling hills.

The climate is mild, thanks to the proximity of the Adriatic Sea (30 km) and to the protection of the mountains, the Julian Alps, ideal for viticulture, with warm days and cool nights in spring and mild and delicate summers.

Every hill has its own microclimate, and sandstone and marl soils are the ideal habitat for the vineyards and the cultivation of grapes. This soil type, characterized by the stratification of marl and sandstone, flysch (ponca called in Friulano), originated about 100 million years ago in the Ocean era by erosion.

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